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Each week, two investigative sheep - Bob MacWordell (Dean Steeves) and Angus McPeters (Drew Kallen) - talk about board gaming, geek culture and the finer points of ovine culture. News ewe Claire O’Brien (Stacey Gordon) tries to keep things on track, but the rams often find themselves off script and in trouble. Game designer interviews, ridiculous expansions, the celebration of mundane pieces and the occasional studio fire are all par for the course for these heroes of livestock everywhere. All of this is brought to you by Mayfair Games, makers of the Settlers of Catan and many other classic games.

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Cast & Crew

Angus Lornc McPeters: Drew Kallen

Robert Spotswood MacWordell: Dean Steeves

Claire O'Brien: Stacey Gordon

Laura McPeters: Stacey Gordon

Duncan: Shaun Michael McNamara

Misc Voices: Eric Schumacher

Producer: Don Dehm

Directors: Don Dehm, Stacey Gordon

Executive Producers: Robert T. Carty Jr., Alex Yeager

Lead Writer: Alex Yeager

Writers: Alex Yeager, Ed May, Todd Gordon, Stacey Gordon, Drew Kallen, Joshua Unruh

Script Editor: Drew Kallen

Cameras & Photography: Thomas J. Castillo, Scott Forster, Robert Kelley, Sarah Schaffer, Victoria Rendón

Editing: Thomas J. Castillo, Scott Forster, Erin Lee Newburn, Sarah Schaffer

Puppet Design & Construction: Andy Hayward, Stacey Gordon

Stage & Props: Mike Sorensen, Sarah Schaffer, Ginger Ferguson, Stacey Gordon, Erin Lee Newburn, Scott Forster

Production Assistants: Robert Kelly, Jenn Kelly, Brenda Lundt, Sharah Schaffer, Thomas Deeny, Jenny Mabee, Aaron Field, Kelley Field, Victoria Rendón

Catering: Ginger Ferguson

Graphic Design: Thomas Deeny

Music: Aaron Ricardez, Chris Vatier, Peter Gorritz

Original Concept & Characters: Robert T. Carty Jr.

Production by Pulp Gamer Media

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