ACD Games Day 2011 Thursday 0900-1200

ACD Games Day 2011 Thursday 0900-1200 - Madison Monona Terrace, Madison

Thu, Sep 15, 2011 (09:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Madison, WI, US

We will conduct two session seating 64 Stores and up to 128 people. The D2D program for Retailers instructs in 3 game titles, and each retailer will receive a demo copy of each of the three games, a first look document and a Demo Script for each title! The games presented will be: MFG4121 Lemming Mafia ASI5752 Patrician MFG3201 Settlers of the Stone Age™ Retailers that are participating in the program will be listed (along with a list of available demo games at that store) on our website. Sign up today as space and seats are limited to 32. Games taught at this session are subject to change without notice. Confirmation emails will be sent upon verification. Contact for a registration link.

Registration Link
Friday's D2D Event
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