Cape Fear Games WWCC Pre-Qualifier Round 2

Cape Fear Games WWCC Pre-Qualifier Round 2 - Cape Fear Games, Wilmington

Sat, Jun 12, 2010

3608 Oleander Dr. Ste. E
Wilmington, NC, US

Cape Fear Games hosts WWCC Pre-Qualifier Round 2. It will place on Saturday, June 12, will start at 5pm and players will play three rounds to determine the top two players. The top two finishers will play in the finals on June 19 at 5pm. Entrance fee for the June 12 event is $10. Winner of the June 19 finals will receive a complimentary trip to GenCon Indy in August and compete for a slot in the WWCC Finals in Germany (as well as a complimentary trip to Germany). For additional information, please contact Cape Fear Games at 910.798.6006. Their website is

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