FAQ for one Certain Game

If a player has cast all of his spells and is about to win the game, can I play a “Snap Out of It” spell to prevent him from winning?

Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for the game winner), you can only play “Snap Out of It” during your turn. You can’t cast it on someone who just won the game, because the game is over!
Generally, the game ends as soon as someone casts their last spell. There are, however, a few spells that can snatch victory away at the last second, but “Snap Out of It” isn’t one of them. You can use: “Sorry Charlie!” “Mirror,” “Illusion,” “Take THAT!” “Backfire,” “White Rabbit,” or “Blotter.” Of course, some of those spells can only cancel the EFFECT of the last spell he cast, but not the actual casting itself. Depending on the winning spell being cast, this might be enough to prevent victory. You’ll have to consider each one on a case-by-case basis.

If I play a “Vault” to protect my finds, what happens if another player uses a “Tinker Bell?” Are my finds still safe?

Unfortunately, not even the “Vault” is safe from the might of the “Tinker Bell.” The Vault cannot protect itself. As a magic item, it can be cancelled by the Tinker Bell, because the bell can cancel the effect of any item. So, the Tinker Bell cancels the Vault, and your finds are most definitely no longer safe.

The “Comforter” says “This object immediately.” When I play it against another player, can my victim play a counter card against it? The card also says “nor can he cast any spell.”

The comforter is so nice and comfy, I don’t know why you would want to avoid the affect, but it is possible. You can play any “magic object” that protects you (like the invisibility cloak or magic shield) to avoid taking your well-deserved nap. These items take effect before the comforter can put you to sleep. Once you are sleeping, however, there is nothing you can do to wake up early.

When, exactly, does the game end? When a player discovers at the beginning of his turn that he cannot reach any settlement that turn, or only when he discovers that cannot reach any settlements?

The game ends if a player is unable to reach any new settlements on his turn. It does not matter why. If you can’t reach any new settlements, the game is over. Usually, this will happen for one of these reasons:
• You have no more merchant cubes.
• Your opponents have blocked all of the routes to new settlements.
• You have no more of the correct kind of tile.
• You don’t have enough resources to reach any new settlements.