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Am I supposed to run out of tiles during Era III in a 2- or 3-player game?

Yes; this is intentional. Note that you also discard unclaimed progress, city and territory tiles at the end of each turn for 2 or 3 players (except those with a red stripe at the bottom)!

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Are player cubes limited?

Yes. If you are out of player cubes, you cannot perform actions requiring player cubes (during the “A” turns).

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Can you clarify Empire tile play?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to what is allowed by Empire tile play:
- First Empire tile play: You may place cubes in any one region allowed by the current Era (“first region”), plus adjacent regions to the first region up to the value shown on the Empire tile.
- Subsequent tile play: You may place cubes in any region with your cubes in it, or any regions adjacent to these regions. You may place in several non-contiguous regions that meet the above requirement. Any region without cubes and not adjacent to a region with your cubes at the beginning of your Empire tile action cannot receive cubes this turn (unless a tile like Mercenaries allows it).
- Water tiles: If the Empire tile has the water symbol, you may play into the Mediterranean Sea. You may also choose either the New World or Far East to expand to (as allowed by Navigation/Era), in addition to any plays in the Old World. You may only expand to one of the two areas (see 6.4.4), but you may expand to BOTH regions within an area if the tile’s value allows it. So, for example, you could play a 3-value water Empire tile, placing cubes in one European territory (or the Mediterranean), and in both North and South America. You could NOT place in Europe, North America and China with this action. (There is a way to play in all three areas; see below.)
Other notes:
- North America and South America are considered to NOT be accessible to each other by land. You cannot use an Empire tile (non-water) to expand from one Americas region to another; you must use a water Empire tile to do so. (Note the “X” on the board between the two regions.)
- China and India ARE linked by land, and you may expand from one to the other using ANY Empire tile. (You could play a 4-value Empire tile to reinforce a European region, play cubes in an adjacent region in Europe, reinforce cubes in North America, and place cubes in India (assuming you already have cubes in China to allow land expansion).

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Does my Iron Weapons tile work when I am the defender?

No. Tiles that give you a “free action” may only be used during one of your own actions.

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Does Navigation open up China during Era II?

No. China does not become available for play until Era III. Only India is available in the Far East during Era II.

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Errata - Player Aid

There are three errors on the player aid:
- There are two Iron Weapons tiles in Era I.
- The Fertilizers tile in Era III provides 4 food as shown on the tile, not 3 food as described on the player aid (see the illustration).
- The first bullet under “2. Player Actions” should read: “Take progress tile (no exact duplicates from the same Era; +1/+2 gold for tiles from a previous ERA)”

There are two different wordings for victory point determination used for the Ideology and Religion tiles. Both score at the same time, during end-of-turn scoring (9.0).

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I have cubes in the Mediterranean. May I use a land tile to expand into a land region adjacent to the Mediterranean?

Yes. You do not need a water tile to play into an adjacent land region, even if what it is adjacent to is the Mediterranean.

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Is it possible to run out of resources?

Yes. Income is distributed in player order, giving each player full income until the supply runs out. Before starting the income phase, clear the trading area so that any resources that have been used for trading are returned to the supply BEFORE income is awarded. (If resources are being hoarded, turn order becomes even more important!)

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