FAQ for one Certain Game

Do Generals move like any other unit and thus "count" for the number of units to move?

For the movement rules there is no difference between infantry, artillery and leaders— each leaders counts as one of the counters you move with a Move action.

One other clarification on another issue: Applying hit results?

Once your oppenent has rolled to hit and then rolled any hit-results,
1) You must first assign damage to your units in the area.
You may assign 1 damage to any unit—a unit already damaged is eliminated.
You may assign 2 damage to a unit that starts undamaged—thus eliminating it.
You may not assign damage to an eliminated unit.
If all units are eliminated, excess damage is ignored.
2) You must then assign the retreat results to units in the area.
A retreat result may be assigned to any remaining unit (an eliminated unit may NOT be assigned a retreat result)
Only one retreat result may be assigned to a given unit.
Once all units have been assigned a retreat result any excess retreats are ignored.

Play card is free, from the rules, so we suppose that you may play then AT ANY TIME during your turn but, even after combats have been solved?

Yes, you may play a card anytime between actions. Since you may not play a card during the resolution of an action (page 3), you may NOT roll your artillery to see if you hit, play a card to move a counter, and then roll your damage results.