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Before the arrival of the white man, the area now known as Idaho was home to the Nez Perce. Living off nature's bounty, these brave hunters would follow the great herds of bison, gathering supplies to survive the brutal winters. When the salmon appeared in the mighty Snake, Salmon, and Columbia rivers, they were there, ready to catch the river's bounty.

In Bison, you become the leader of a band of brave hunters, setting forth to lay claim to the most plentiful hunting grounds. Your hunters will gather bison, salmon, and wildfowl each season. But competition for the best lands will be fierce! You will need to use your hunters to build canoes and teepees, staking your claim in the best areas, before your rivals can!

But your supplies are limited. You will need to feed your hunters to give them the strength to fulfill the tasks you ask of them. And if you need a larger canoe, you will need to trade your hard-earned foodstuffs at the market.

The player who can most effectively marshal their hunters and manage their supplies will control the best hunting grounds and deliver the largest amount of food to the tribe for the coming winter. Can you prove yourself to be a great warrior and powerful spirit of your tribe?


  • 21 Land Tiles
  • 32 Hunters
  • 12 Scoring Cubes
  • 24 Teepees
  • 24 Canoes
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 16 Action Markers
  • 1 Totem Pole
  • 1 Rulebook

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