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  • Ages: 10+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: 75 minutes
  • Designer: Torsten Landsvogt
  • Art: Czarne
  • Made in: Germany
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Before the Wind

A fleet of commerce ships lies aside the quays, waiting to be loaded with valuable goods. An assortment of goods will fill the captain's bill, as his crew readies the ship for the sea.

You are a prominent merchant trying to fill your warehouse with the goods these captains need to fill their holds. A ship's captain will only accept goods from one merchant, so quickly collecting the right combination of goods is the key to victory. Fill your warehouse with care and spend your guilders with prudence!

Tary not, and let not a moment pass before you load your goods, for the fleet will leave the harbor with the whim of the winds! If you wait too long, your precious goods may spoil before you fill a captain's hold!

Can you keep your merchant empire running Before the Wind? Or will the winds of Fortune blow ill upon you?


  • 120 action cards
  • (40 purchase, 40 storage, 40 shipment/income)
  • 60 goods cards
  • (15 apples, 15 spices, 15 silk, 15 cheese)
  • 60 Guilders cards
  • (24x 1s, 12x 2s, 12x 5s, 12x 10s)
  • 46 ship cards
  • (20 small ships, 26 large ships)
  • 4 warehouses
  • 1 starting player token
  • 1 rulebook

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