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Fabulous caves containing the artistic legacy or our ancient ancestors were discovered in a cave complex at Lascaux in the southwest of France. In testament to their struggle for survival, our forefathers created these stunning images that capture your imagination. Fantastic paintings of large animals long extinct leap from the walls of these caves--animals known only from fossils and seen only in dreams.

In the game Lascaux, you try to win majorities of animal cards by spending stones at the right moment and cleverly outfoxing other players. Explore the meeting of art and history, in the caves of Lascaux!


  • 54 playing cards (the animals)
  • 50 stones
  • 30 cardboard tokens (5 sets of 6 tokens)
  • 1 rulebook

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Format: Card Games Group: Family Games, Group/Party Games Theme: Historical
Educational Resources: Auction/Bidding, Deductive Reasoning, Diceless, Opponent Anticipation, Poker Elements, Resource Management, Strategic Thinking

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