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ISBN: 1-56905-234-4
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Product Info

  • Ages: 13+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: 60-120 minutes
  • Designer: Uwe Eickert
  • Art: Steven Paschal
  • Made in: Germany

Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour - Poland 1939

Academy Games Products are no longer sold by Mayfair Games. Please visit Academy Games Website to purchase.

Conflict of Heroes merges the elegance of streamlined Eurogame rules with deep strategic wargames. The series is designed to create a tense and highly interactive game play experience. You must manage multiple command resources to move, attack, and take other actions with your units. This gives you great flexibility in executing your battle plans, but makes constant caution necessary as unit activations on either side can happen at any time.

Price of Honor is an expansion and requires ownership of either Awakening the Bear or Storms of Steel to play.

Purchasers of Price of Honor may add a free Marsh Map set to their purchase.

Price of Honour includes:

2 new Polish landscape mounted boards

2 Sheets of early war Polish, German and Russian tanks, airplanes and other units.

1 Sheet including all Awakening the Bear upgraded counters with new artwork and updated stats.

16 firefights. 10 playable with the AtB base game and 10 playable with the SoS base game.

New summary sheets summarizing terrain and unit data for all of the Eastern Front games.

Rule sheet adendum covering cavalry charges and other new unit data.


  • 1 Plastic Insert
  • 2 Game boards numbers 11 and 12.
  • 3 Counter sheets (1 Polish Units, 1 German and Soviet Units, 1 Awakening the Bear Upgrade Units)
  • 1 Double sided summary sheet which includes the terrain table and the game overview. (For use with all games)
  • 1 PoH firefight booklet with 16 firefights. (32 pages)
  • 1 Reference rulebook (For use with all games - 24 pages)
  • PoH does not include:
  • Action Card Deck
  • Dice
  • Hit Counter or Misc Counter sheets
  • Either game - PoH needs either AtB or SoS to be played. Can play 12

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