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Elixir Card Game

Go on a fantastic and funny journey in the land of fairies! Each year, the most powerful wizards of the fairy realm participate in a friendly and prankful magical joust. Only one can be the winner, as each wizard competes to be the first to cast upon his opponents spells from his list of hilarious spells, while searching for and utilizing the strangest and most wonderful of spell components. Are you ready to compete with these masters of magical might? Will the powers of the cosmos lead you to victory, or will someone else claim the prize?

Elixir is a humorous and fantastically fun card game great for the whole family.


  • 56 Spell Cards (16 Level 1 Spells, 24 Level 2 Spells, 8 Level 3 Spells, 8 Level 4 Spells)
  • 112 Find Cards (64 Ingredients, 39 Objects, 9 Transactions)

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Format: Card Games Group: Family Games, Group/Party Games, Kids Games Theme: Fantasy
Educational Resources: Deductive Reasoning, Negotiation, Probabilities, Resource Management, Strategic Thinking

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