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  • Ages: 12+
  • Players: 2
  • Playing Time: 60 minutes
  • Designer: Klaus Teuber
  • Art: Franz Vohwinkel

Starship Catan 2 Player Game

In a flash, two Starfarers from the Catan space fleet have been thrown through a mysterious wormhole into an unknown galaxy. Lost, dazed and unable to find their way home, and with limited resources, the brave explorers face a seemingly hopeless situation, until they meet four peaceful alien races. These friendly aliens offer them limited aid and will guide them home if they can meet the high standards required for entrance into the Galactic Advisory Council.

Take the role of a Starfarer! Daringly brave the unknown reaches of space! Explore and colonize new worlds, strike vital trade agreements and perform missions of mercy, while improving and preparing your Starship for the journey home. If you work hard and choose your course carefully and vigorously, you will attain membership in the Council and learn the way home!

Beware! Not every alien in the galaxy will look upon you with friendliness. Dastardly space pirates desire your wealth and influence. Their raids are merciless, and their strength is growing! Be careful as you speed through the unknown! Only a careful balance of colonization and trade, bravery and caution, will lead you and your crew home.

Lost in the depths of space? Not a problem for a real Starfarer! Activate your boosters for an adventure of space discovery!


  • 70 Sector Cards
  • 18 Adventure Cards
  • 18 Module Cards
  • 2 Gameboards
  • 1 Blue Die
  • 1 Yellow Die
  • 18 Coins
  • 14 Coins
  • 6 Cannons
  • 6 Boosters
  • 4 Colony Ships
  • 4 Trade Ships
  • 10 Resource Markers
  • 2 Science Markers
  • 2 Special Victory Point Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

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Series: Starfarers of Catan
Educational Resources: Deductive Reasoning, Forward Planning, Moral Choices, Negotiation, Probabilities, Resource Management, Strategic Thinking

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