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Family Night: Planning for the End of the World

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Product Info

  • Ages: 10+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes
  • Designer: Leo Colovini
  • Art: Michael Menzel


You control a faction in beautiful Atlantis, the glorious civilization built upon the sea. No other city rivals its power. None command such riches. Now, the link between the land and your beloved home of Atlantis is crumbling! You must race to move your people along the great bridge to the mainland before it disappears into the thundering waters below.

Picking up artifacts as you move, you must be wary of creating gaps in the bridge. For as the gaps proliferate and widen, those behind you face a costly-even perilous-journey to safety. So, flee with care and cunning. Be the first to guide your people to their new haven!


  • 84 tiles (in 7 colors)
  • 1 special Atlantis tile
  • 1 special Land tile
  • 4 bridge pieces
  • 12 player pieces (4 sets of 3)
  • 105 cards (in 7 colors)

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