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Status: Active
ISBN: 1-56905-188-7
UPC: 0-29877-03199-3-0100
in inches: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11

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  • Ages: 10+
  • Players: 3-6
  • Playing Time: 90 minutes
  • Designer:
  • Art: Volkan Baga & Harald Lieske & Stephen Graham Walsh
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The Settlers of Catan Pre-2007 Adapter Kit

The 4th edition of The Settlers of Catan® (Settlers-2007)provides an outer frame that encloses the 19 hexes that make up the island of Catan. This adapter kit provides that frame, the frame extension pieces for the 5-6 player extension, and the harbor pieces that allow you to vary the harbor locations from game to game.

This adapter kit also allows you to use the Catan: Seafarers® 4th edition with 3rd or pre-2007 editions of Settlers, MFG0483).


  • 6 Sea Frame Pieces from Settlers-2007
  • 9 Harbor Pieces from Settlers-2007
  • 2 Frame Pieces with Harbor from Settlers-2007 5-6 Player
  • 2 All Sea Frame Pieces from Settlers-2007 5-6 Player
  • 2 Extra Harbor Pieces from Settlers-2007 5-6 Player

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Series: Settlers of Catan

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