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Catan: Explorers and Pirates® - 2nd Edition

Catan: Explorers & Pirates ≈90 minutes. ® includes 5 novel scenarios, each of which builds upon your previous experience. All are easy to learn, rich in character, and lots of fun. In each, you explore an unknown sea by ship and build settlemen (Learn More...)

Players: 2-4, Ages: 12+
Playtime: 90-180 minutes
MSRP: $55.00

Catan: Explorers and Pirates 5-6 player extension® - 2nd Edition

Now 5 to 6 players can explore Catan’s wild unknown seas in search of fish, spices, or rich new lands for settlement! Catan: Explorers & Pirates 5-6 Player Extension™ allows you to add 1 or 2 new opponents without sacrificing ease of play. As in the (Learn More...)

Players: 3-6, Ages: 12+
Playtime: 90-180 minutes
MSRP: $32.00

Catan: Cities and Knights® - 5th Edition

Dark clouds gather over the once peaceful landscape. Wild barbarians, lured by Catan’s wealth and power, maneuver to attack. Their massive warships loom against the bright orange horizon. You must be strong! Barbarians attack the weakest targets, and (Learn More...)

Players: 3-4, Ages: 12+
Playtime: 90 minutes
MSRP: $49.00

Catan: Cities & Knights 5-6 Player Extension® - 5th Edition

Now up to 6 players can develop their cultures, build metropolises, and muster their knights against the scourge threatening Catan! Expand and inject even more excitement into your Cities & Knights® games without sacrificing ease of play. Add mor (Learn More...)

Players: 5-6, Ages: 12+
Playtime: 90 minutes
MSRP: $25.00

Catan: Traders and Barbarians® - 5th Edition

5 Challenging New Scenarios: • The Fishermen of Catan– Fish in the great lake or try casting in rich coastal shoals. A fresh, expanded, and updated version! • The Rivers of Catan– Not one, but two great rivers invite flourishing commerce. Bridge th (Learn More...)

Players: 3-4, Ages: 12+
Playtime: 90 minutes
MSRP: $49.00

Catan Scenarios: Helpers of Catan

Come meet some of the most influential and helpful people on Catan. They are offering their skills and experience to help you with your building plans. This small expansion is suitable for use with “The Settlers of Catan®” and with “Seafarers®”. 10 (Learn More...)

Players: 3-6, Ages: 10+
Playtime: 45-90 minutes
MSRP: $5.00

Catan - Family Edition Board Game

Begin a quest to settle the island of Catan! Guide your brave settlers to victory by using clever trading and shrewd development. Use resources—grain, wool, ore, lumber, and brick—to build roads, settlements, cities and key cultural milestones. Get r (Learn More...)

Players: 3-4, Ages: 11+
Playtime: 60-90 minutes
MSRP: $30.00

Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs

Eureka! Oil has been discovered on the island of Catan. The great engineers of Catan have learned ways to improve production using this valuable new resource, both by converting it into other materials and enabling the upgrade of cities into metropol (Learn More...)

Players: 3-4, Ages: 12+
Playtime: 45-60 minutes
MSRP: $5.00

The Struggle for Catan

The Struggle for Catan™ is a fast-paced game between the 2-4 factions developing newly settled Catan. Manage your resources to build settlements, cities, city improvements, knights, and roads that generate victory points or special abilities. While y (Learn More...)

Players: 2-4, Ages: 10+
Playtime: 45-60 minutes
MSRP: $15.00

Settlers of Catan - 15th Anniversary Edition®

Catan® is a modern classic. An international favorite, it has redefined social board games. Now you can create Catan out of wood and enjoy settling and building using specially tooled wooden pieces. Embark on a quest to settle the fair isle of Cat (Learn More...)

Players: 3-6, Ages: 10+
Playtime: 60 minutes
MSRP: $150.00

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