Options: The Settlers of Catan Two Player Game Version
  Ownership of the following required: The Settlers of Catan (MFG0483)

by Thomas A. Stobie, S.F.O.

These options can be used individually or together for both the basic Settlers of Catan as well as for Seafarers of Catan.

Two Player Game Version
These rules adapt the original rules for use with just two players. These can be used with Settlers of Catan or Seafarers of Catan.

1. Each Player uses two colors.

2. Trading with the other player is not used. Trade with the bank only.

3. 20 Victory Points are required to win (higher totals can be used for longer games.)

4. Increase the threshold from 7 to 9 where discarding on a "7" is required.


by Ethan Sprang

Standard Rules
Each player is limited to only one set of pieces.

Players play to 15 points.

Players may not trade resources with each other - trades are only allowed at ports.

Place three settlements with roads in initial placements phase. Player "A" that rolled highest goes first, placing one. Then "B" places 2. Then "A" places 2. Then B places last.

Each player receives starting resource cards for their last two settlements.

Player "A" begins, and has the first turn.

Play starts. The robber cannot emerge for 2 turns. If a seven is rolled, roll again.

Each player rolls TWICE on their turn for resources.

If a seven is rolled (after turn 2), the Robber is played as normal (except a player discards half if they have more than EIGHT cards).

If a seven is rolled on both of a player's rolls, on the second seven the player can elect to not move the robber a second time. Also, the player can elect to take any two free resources from the bank as opposed to taking a second resource from the other player.