MSRP: $6.00
Status: Active
weight: 0.15 lbs
in inches: 4 x 6.75 x 3.5

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Catanimal - plush - Sheep

I come from a sheep, not a bull,

Please shear me right off, do not pull,

I make sails, I make cloth,

Don't feed me to a moth,

I'm your clothing, it's made out of Wool!

Wool will keep you warm at night and if you can't sleep you can count on her.

Wool is 4" tall by 3.5" wide by 6" deep and weighs 1.1 oz.

These plush creatures, they are the bee's knees,

They are happy and ready to please,

They're all fun, that's forgone,

And they're all from Catan,

These resources are called Catanimals!

Plush resources from The Settlers of Catan. Each of these fun, fluff-filled Goodies is ready to spread sunshine and smiles. And they're perfect for trading with friends and families.

Each Catan Goodie is made from all new materials/polyesther fibers in China.

Product Info

  • Art: Mayfair Staff
  • Made in: China

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