Gen Con After Action Report

Aug 21, 2012

Gen Con After Action

Energy and excitement radiated from Gen Con’s Mayfair-landia, where the Mayfair Games exhibits were packed with fans, shoppers and players. Despite the best efforts of Gen Con security, there were sheep sightings during the show and Bob and Angus were spotted giving out coffee and a limited edition Gen Con pin every morning at the Mayfair Van. Thanks to Gen Con, the show had a record attendance and by Sunday, the time of the Great Ribbon Quest raffle, stocks were depleted and the staff exhausted.

Fans got their first look at the new Star Trek: Catan™ game and their first chance to purchase it Thursday during the show. On Friday fans were treated to an extra special experience, when the First Lady of Sci-Fi, Nichelle Nichols, signed games at the Mayfair Games booth!

Mayfair staffed over 50 demo tables, where Gen Con attendees could learn a new game, taught by one of our friendly staff, who were supplemented by an amazing crew of volunteers. New games included Empire Express™, A House Divided™, Catan: Junior™, Aeroplanes™, Rocket Jockey™, Giza™ and Urbania™. We also taught classic games like the original Settlers of Catan™, Candamir™, Automobile™, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork™ and many, many more.

If learning new games wasn’t in your plans, how about experiencing a really BIG game? Mayfair brought more than 25 giant scale games to Gen Con, where players were treated to more giant games than ever before. The headliner was our truly massive Settlers of America™, with a carpet map covering 216 square feet and hardwood components weighing 137 pounds! We also had giant versions of 24 other popular titles on hand for play.

Gen Con provided players their last opportunity to represent the U.S. in the Catan World Championship, which takes place on September 14th, 2012 at Normandy Farms in Pennsylvania. Over 2000 of the best Catan players in the U.S. competed at pre-qualifiers or at Gen Con but in the end it came down to four: Jacob Walters, Jason LaRiviere, Evan Walters and Alex Kevern. Alex Kevern from Chicago earned the last spot and now has a chance to earn his place in gaming history this September!

In case you haven’t guessed, we at Mayfair consider this not only our most successful Gen Con ever, but our most successful convention appearance ever, period. Thanks so much to everyone who came by for a demo, to play a giant game, compete for a spot in the WWCC or just to say hi. We will see you next year at Gen Con, where we hope to somehow top the overwhelming response to this year’s show!

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