Aeroplanes and Urbania Pre-Order Bonuses

Aug 27, 2012

Mayfair Games loves our loyal customers and now we're giving something to you for FREE to recognize your loyalty! Pre-order Aeroplanes or Urbania from your local retailer and receive a FREE preorder bonus of your choice! Check the descriptions below for more information.
Note due to scheduling, the Aeroplanes preorder bonus is available for a VERY limited time so preorder before Saturday September 15th to receive the bonus for that game!


For retailers and consumers pre-ordering this game, Mayfair is providing a limited expansion. Only pre-orders will be getting these special items.


Aeroplanes Pre-Order Bonus


The expansion is composed of One (1) tile sheet with limited expansions for - Aeroplanes™- "Charters"; Urbania™- "Subsidy Contracts"; Rocket Jockeys™- "Space Port"; Atlantis™- "Boats"; Whitewater™ - "The Angry Beavers"; Lords of Vegas™ "Skybridge"; Steam™- "5 Way Town"; Nuns on the Run™- "Anchorite" and GIZA™- "Fast Sleds".


To be provided to retailers who pre-ordered this game. 1 expansion per copy pre-ordered + 1 for the store (order of 4 = 5 promo's)


Urbania Pre-Order Bonus


Urbania™ has an expansion sheet composed of One (1) tile sheet with limited expansions for -Atlantis™- "Ikarus"; Monuments™ - "Heroes, Traders & Science"; Lords of Vegas™ "Skybridge"; Nuns on the Run™- "The Monk" and GIZA™- "Distant Quarry

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