PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) 2012 After Action

Sep 07, 2012

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) After Action

Penny Arcade is a great web comic and has spawned an equally good series of conventions. This is the original PAX show, called PAX Prime and Mayfair Games was there in force! For those who have never been or couldn’t make it this year, here’s a look back at the show with some highlights from Mayfair Land!


This year’s Catan North American Championship was as busy and hotly contested as ever! In the end though, it came down to four: Yvonne Ruan, Andrei Krotkov, Joel Mooers, and Matthew Pierce. When the dust settled Matthew Pierce, who has attended 12 consecutive PAX Primes in a row, won the coveted ticket to the CNAC qualifiers, being held at next year’s Gen Con! Matthew will receive free airfare, hotel and badge for the show courtesy of Mayfair Games!

Game Demos

As we always do, Mayfair Games brought our newest releases, along with many beloved classics to PAX, along with staffers ready to teach the games to convention attendees! We taught new games like Urbania™ and Empire Express™, along with classics including Nuns on the Run™ and Settlers of America™.

And so another PAX has come and gone. Because articles like this can’t really capture the fun, energy and sheer chaos that make up a show of this magnitude, we hope next year you’ll be able to join us, whether for the first time or the 13th

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