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Nov 16, 2012

The holiday season is upon us!

Thanksgiving is a day of traditions: eating Turkey till you drift off in the world’s best food coma, watching football and all with friends and family. A day of togetherness and community that moves at a slower pace than Christmas, which often feels like the end of a sprint. As a day of community, Thanksgiving is a perfect time to play a social game with friends and family, a new tradition of gaming delight.

Here are some games that will make a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving feast:

Alibi™: For the mystery fan in your family, it takes more than brains to solve the who, what, where, when and why of a murder. It also takes a keen eye and the intuition to ask the right question at the right time. Become a master detective: play, deduce and solve!

Family Business™: After a few days with your family, you might want to settle some old business by putting them up against the wall. Ok, maybe not, but in this light, humorous card game’s take on the Valentine’s Day Massacre you can at least pretend.

Nuns on the Run™: Or maybe hide and go seek is more your game? In this game of nuns vs. novices, the novices are attempting to sneak around a mysterious abbey at night to fulfill a secret mission, while the nuns want those naughty novices back in their rooms!

The Settlers of Catan®: This all-time classic is very much in the holiday spirit. As newcomers to a land of opportunity, the players must be the most successful colonists on the island of Catan. Build settlements, roads, cities and knights, all in the quest to be the undisputed lord of the isle!

So after your holiday feast give thanks for great gaming and make Mayfair Games wide range of family games a holiday tradition your family will look forward to year after year.



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