playChic: a look back

Nov 29, 2012

playCHIC outfits

It was almost two weeks ago that Mayfair Games, along with other top game brands, leapt from the game board to the runway as part of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair’s playCHIC™ event, and people really took notice of Miriam Cecilia Carson’s designs based on the award-winning Settlers of Catan®!

As the event was ongoing, NBC Channel 5 in Chicago took notice and interviewed Mayfair Games President Larry Roznai. Since then, both MTV Geek and Social Katy have blogged about the event and raved about the Settlers-inspired fashions.

Social Katy had this to say about Miriam Cecilia’s look for the stylish settlers out there, “When it came to incorporating her skill to Settlers of Catan, the details in both the male and female garments were quite couture. Settlers of Catan is one of the best selling games of all time. Players cultivate their own world and civilization in villages of Catan, earning awards and medals for their accomplishments in ruling the city.”

So take a gander at the pictures, and read the associated blogs and relive a memory we at Mayfair Games won’t soon forget- or stop smiling about!

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