Holiday Gift Guides

Dec 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Guides are a much-loved holiday tradition for those struggling to find that perfect gift. Since the whole point of these guides is to make shopping easier, we're going to help even more by collecting some of our favorites for you to peruse in one, handy list.

Enjoy these holiday guides and enjoy your hunt for that perfect gift this holiday season!

The Guardian has a look at the resurgence of board games. Resurgence you ask? Yeah, us too. Still, as much as we like to poke fun at lists that just woke up and rediscovered that board games are awesome, there's some nice advice in here.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has a themed list of board games with TV show tie-ins, the perfect list for that friend who wants to unplug and spend time with actual human beings. 

GamerTell, a subset of TechnologyTell, has a quirky list of great games we just love. Just the cover and description of these games will have you scrambling to your friendly local gamestore. 

Board Game Geek gives the serious enthusiast's view of what to buy this holiday season. This is a nice list that contains a wide variety of games and gives a good, "just detailed enough" look at every game they recommend and why. 

Gamerchris has another great list with all sorts of games: cooperative games, stocking stuffers and games for the new gamer on your shopping list. Again this list does a great job of telling you why you want the games they recommend and who might like them best. 

Last but not least we have Theology of Games holiday shopping guide. Again, each game is given a bit of spotlight that lets you know who you should buy the game for.

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