Capricon 2013 crowns CNAC pre-qualifier champion

Feb 12, 2013

The competition was intense at Capricon 2013 but eventually Dan Miller emerged victorious! Dan has won a trip to Gen Con 2013 to compete in the Catan North American Championship.

Congratulations Dan!

Dan Miller

Congratulations also to the top 16 finisher

1 Michael Bernat
2 Jesse Boyd
3 Levi Baer
4 Mandy Sanders
5 Dan Miller
6 Monika Harding
7 MJ Isabella
8 Alex Kevern
9 Tasha Robinson
10 Lindsay Pastor
11 Bob Koester
12 Clyde W. Henry III
13 Susan Zell
14 Josh Harding
15 David Hoshko
16 Michael Nowakowski

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