Origins 2013

Jun 19, 2013

Giant Gangster

Origins 2013 was full of new and exciting changes for Mayfair this year.  We added a second booth to the game hall – giving us two demo and retail spaces.  The dealer’s hall highlighted our new releases including Zen Garden, Road Rally USA, Explorers & Pirates, Five Points and Aeroplanes.  And the game hall focused on many of our other popular titles such as Catan Junior, Urbania, Giza, Clash of Wills, Merchants of Europe, Star Trek Catan and many more.  This gave people a wide variety of games to choose from. 

In addition to our two demo spaces we also offered a full event schedule highlighting giant and mammoth versions of yourfavorite Mayfair titles.  And Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening we held the Mayfair Git-Togethers  - four hours of casual play, including some surprise play opportunities including Martin Wallace’s latest game, The Witches and the upcoming Star Trek Catan Federation Space map set.

The final four in the CNAC qualifier

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we held Catan North American Championship (CNAC) qualifier tournaments for over 40 participants.  In the end, on Sunday the final game came down to David Collins, Clark Goldentyer, Sherry Scott and Mari Storch.  David Collins finished first and will be heading to Gen Con Indy in August to compete in the CNAC final.

Origins was a successful show filled with lots of game demos and an increase in event participation – a big thanks to all our fans who continue to support our efforts and help make this all possible.  See you next year!

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