Wargames at Gen Con 2013!

Jul 26, 2013

Mayfair is bringing lots of great wargames to Gen Con 2013. Here are some of the thrilling experiences you can have in our Event Room.

Rise of Empires

Reshape history in this amazing strategy title. Take control of a fledgling civilization and guide it through the eras, expanding faster and more effectively than your rivals until you control a continents-spanning empire. You earn Victory points for founding cities, trading goods and progressing technology so there are many paths to win the game. Balance your short term and long term goals to achieve victory over your rival civilizations!

Test of Fire - First Bull Run 1861

Take command of the first battle of the Civil War. Using an elegant command system, Test of Fire™ uses dice rolls to determine your available actions from turn to turn that brings the unique challenges and frustrations of command to life. As the two untried armies clash, the chance of a morale-breaking route looms over both commanders, so achieve your goals as quickly as possible in this tense historical wargame!

Clash of Wills™ - Shiloh 1862

Take command of a pivotal battle in the Western theater of the Civil War! The Confederate player begins the battle with a devastating surprise attack but he must press his advantage quickly and effectively, for on the second day of the battle, Ulysses S. Grant returns with reinforcements and will likely turn the tide in the Union’s favor. In this historical clash, whose will prevails?

These are just a few of the games you can play at Gen Con this year in the Mayfair Event Room. See our full event listing for more information, then head over to Gen Con and register for your favorites! 




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