Set a World Record at The Big Game™

Aug 05, 2013

Mayfair Games is ecstatic to announce that The Big Game™ will be a official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® official attempt. The record attempted will be for “Most People Playing Settlers of Catan™ simultaneously”. There will be an official Guinness World Records adjudicator on site to judge the record. The Big Game™ will feature up to 1,012 players playing a single game of Catan® simultaneously.

You heard that right, 1,000 people will play a single Settlers of Catan™ game on a special board, from start to finish, though a turn limit of 62 turns. The entry fee for The Big Game™ is $10, which provides each player a limited edition deck of Catan® resource cards, a single-player set of basic Catan® & Seafarers™ wood playing pieces in one of 6 unique colors and a custom Catan® map, all produced specifically for this special event. Even better, one player’s deck will contain a Golden Ticket and that player will be awarded a 10th Anniversary 3-D edition of The Settlers of Catan® Treasure Chest edition, an unparalleled rare and priceless item for any Catan® enthusiast, collector or completionist.

The Big Game™ will be held at J.W. Marriott’s White River Ballroom, Friday night, August 16, in cooperation with the great Gen Con™ Game Fair. Check-in is at 5:30 pm and the event lasts until a winner is crowned. Food and drink are available for purchase at the venue.

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