Sheep to appear at Gen Con 2013

Aug 06, 2013

The cast, crew, and even the characters of The Bob & Angus Show will be present for Gen Con this year in Indianapolis to interact with tens of thousands of board gamers. Previous episodes of The Bob & Angus Show have established that sheep are not allowed into the convention hall for public health reasons. Their method of entry will be revealed during the opening ceremonies of Gen Con on Thursday, August 16th.

Episodes of the puppet show have been released every Thursday on YouTube for the last 2 ½ years.  All three sheep characters maintain their own Facebook pages, twitter feeds, and blogs, creating a rich transmedia experience.  During the week of the convention, the story will ramp up with surprise sightings, live performances, and film festival screenings. Fans will be able to interact directly with the sheep, take pictures, and meet the cast and crew that bring the show together.

Characters Bob MacWordell, Angus McPeters, and Claire O’Brien will perform at the Thursday night Mayfair Games Block Party on Georgia Street with special guests Walter Koenig, Michael Stackpole, Matt Forbeck, Mike Selinker, James Ernest, Peter Adkison, Adrian Swartout, and Michael Mirth.  During exhibit hall hours, the cast and characters will be found in and around the Mayfair Games exhibit area at booth 119.

About The Bob & Angus Show

The Bob & Angus Show is a comedic puppet show centered on two newsrams and their adventures in gaming. It is designed to entertain and to increase awareness of the board games in the Mayfair Games line-up.  The web series is a production of Mayfair Games and the transmedia production company, Pulp Gamer Media. More information can be found at

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