The Catan® Championship will be televised

Aug 07, 2013

Some say the revolution will be televised. Well, we can’t speak to that but we can confirm that once again the championship will definitely be televised!

When the Catan World Championship™ was held last year, fans around the world were able to watch it live on the internet via livestream. Mayfair Games is thrilled to announce they will be able to do so again! On the last day of Gen Con, Sunday, August 18th the Catan North American Finals will be held and you can watch it live once again.

Both the semi-final and final rounds of the CNAC will be broadcast online beginning at 10 AM.

Just go to our Livestream page and see who will win the coveted title of Best Settlers of Catan® player in North America!

Remember, the date is Sunday, August 18th and the finals are expected to start at approximately 12 pm, upon the conclusion of the semi-finals round.

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