Star Trek Catan Charity Tournament Features Cool Gaming Tech!

Aug 12, 2013

The Star Trek Catan Warp Speed Charity tournament at the Gen Con Game Fair In Indianapolis IN next week will feature a cool piece of gaming technology! The "warp speed" part of the tournament means that players will only have one minute to complete their turns, and that time will be measured by the DGT PYRAMID™.

The PYRAMID™ provides players with a countdown clock on each face of a tetrahedron (4-sided pyramid). During a player's turn, the clock counts down from the minute mark (or whatever time is set), with warnings at ten seconds remaining, and a countdown sound starting at five seconds remaining. When a player finishes their turn, the PYRAMID™ is turned to a different side, restarting the clock for the next player. The PYRAMID™ has several other timer modes, and another DGT model (the CUBE™) provides timers for up to six players on the same unit.

DGT has kindly donated the PYRAMID™ tech that will be used as part of the tournament, and Mayfair is delighted to use their exciting technology as part of our unique event, benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. You can discover more about the DGT PYRAMID™ by visiting the DGT website at

More information about Mayfair Games and the Star Trek Catan Charity Tournament may be found at our website, at More information about the Gen Con Game Fair may be found by visiting their website at,

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