Greg Schloesser reviews Global Mogul

Feb 27, 2014

Greg Schloesser has reviewed Global Mogul for an upcoming issue of Counter Magazine

He was kind enough to give us permission to quote his conclusion about the game: 

Global Mogul is a challenging and tense game, one that tests players’ abilities to properly balance numerous factors and adapt to the actions of their opponents.  Players must keep their eyes on a multitude of different areas.  It isn’t enough to concentrate on filling contracts.  Controlling markets and regions is important, as is gaining those valuable end game bonuses.  To do this, one must continuously build their resource production so that contracts can be filled and markets can be dominated.  Income can be gained from those venture capitalists, but consistently fulfilling contracts can reduce or even eliminate the need for using a valuable action and agents to obtain money in that fashion.  

Thanks so much to Greg and Counter Magazine for the thorough and thoughtful review! If you want to read more of the article, and there is a lot more with detail on the game, go visit Counter Magazine.




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