2011: A Look Forward at the new Mayfair Games of 2011:

2011 looks to be an exciting year for Mayfair Games.  We have a number of games in the pipeline that will challenge and delight players of all ages.  As we get closer to the release dates, we will have more information about each title available on our website, our facebook page and here in our newsletter.  The new year is a great time to look back; it is also a great time to look forward.  So here is a look into the future of Mayfair Games in 2011.

Train Games: As the largest publisher of train games in the world, we are looking at a number of releases in this genre.  They include 1830™ (a re-release of the classic 18XX title with additional, all-new material), Nippon Rails™ (releasing this Empire Builder™ title in the standard EB box with upgraded goods chips) and the Steam™ Map Expansion #1(which will include new maps, tiles  and rules for adding additional players to your Steam™ game).

Catan™: Mayfair will be bringing back the Catan Dice Game™: Standard Edition.  There will also be an Expansion Deck for The Rivals for Catan™ 2-Player Card Game.  2011 will also see the release of The Struggle for Catan™ Multi-Player Card Game a game that is perfect for up to four fans of Catan to play a game in under an hour.

New Games: You will see a number of games in many different categories.  2011 will see the release of Automobile™ by Martin Wallace (the second in his Transportation series).  You will be able to build a pyramid in Giza™: The First Pyramid (where you control a team of workers engaged in the building project of the millennium), a city in Urbania Redux™ (the working title for a game of building a city through control of land, money and the factions that will profit from them), and political power in Five Points: The Politics of New York™ (in which you control a political faction engaged in gathering political power in the five boroughs of New York City).

War Games: Mayfair continues to partner with Academy Games to bring out strong titles such as The Fog of War™ Series first title: Strike of the Eagle™.  We will also release our own title in this genre with First Bull Run: A Test of Fire™ by Martin Wallace.

Family Titles: Through our new FunFair line of games, Mayfair will strengthen its family-friendly line of games with an anticipated release of a number of new titles including Badger, Badger™, Rocket Jockey™, and White Water™.

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