The Art of the Box: Meet the Artists of Mayfair Games 2 - Franz Vohwinkel

Creating eye-catching cover art is a skill that talented artists can be challenged by.  It requires the simultaneous ability to tell the game's story AND hook the customers eye long enough to get him or her to pick up the box; in other words it must be actistic and commercial at the same time.  Franz Vohwinkel is an artist who has worked on many games and is able to create artwork that is both amazing to look at as art and as a storytelling medium.

Franz was born in 1964 in Munich, Germany and his first game art was for Drunter & Drüber™ by Klaus Teuber in 1991 (reprinted in English as Wacky Wacky West™ in 2010 by Mayfair Games).  That game went on to win the Spiel des Jahres for 1991.  Since then he has produced art for a number of Catan™ releases (including Starship Catan™ and The Catan Card Game™), many of the Mayfair/Phalanx titles (Mesopotamia™, Emira™, A House Divided™, etc.) as well as other Mayfair products (Witch of Salem™, Journey to the Center of the Earth™, Ablaze!™, Elk Fest™, etc.).  He has done work for various Magic and Dominion and Blue Moon card sets and many game companies.  All told, over 250 games have Vohwinkel work on the cover or inside the box.

He moved to Seattle, Washington in 2006 and continues to produce great art today.  Vohwinkel is comfortable in many styles, from Fantasy and Historic, to Science Fiction and Futuristic, to the now.  In fact, Mayfair Games' next release, Lords of Vegas™, takes place in the Las Vegas of the 1950's and it will feature Vohwinkel's work inside the box.  Additional examples of his work can be found at

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