The Art of the Game

We all know that there is an art to designing games. Playing a game can also be an art as you are required to translate the rules into an improvised ballet of movement as you play your cards, roll your dice and/or lay your tiles in an optimized order at exactly the right time. Occasionally, the game's theme is also based on art; this month we look at four titles in the Mayfair Games line that use Art is the central theme of the game:


In 1940 four teenagers and a dog discovered a complex of caves near Montignac, in southwestern France. The walls of the caves were covered by a series of Paleolithic paintings of realistic images of large animals, most of which are known to have lived in the area at the time of the drawings. This site, therefore, is one of the earliest art galleries known to man. In Lascaux you are trying to create the largest set of various pictures by judiciously bidding on the pictures with your precious stones.

PHA0950 Lascaux™ 

Modern Art™: 

Chicago Poker

This Reiner Knizia game moves to a more modern art gallery. Each of the players is trying to earn the most money from buying and selling art pieces. There are different styles of auctions and the pieces you buy at the auctions during a round are sold off at the end of each round with values based on the popularity of the various artists. 

MFG4402 Modern Art™ 

Glenn's Gallery™:

Family Business

Here is another Knizia design that involves art galleries. In this game, you are trying to predict how well various art styles will sell to the public. Keep a sharp eye out for what the customers are showing an interest for and watch out for art students (who can drive down interest with their very presence). It�s one part art, one part science, and one part fortune telling in this fast and fun game.

MFG4108 Glenn's Gallery™


Changing gears from the visual arts to the musical arts, we have Megastar™, a fast-paces card game where you are a radio station program director trying to develop the best selection of bands to broadcast on your station. Pay attention to listener requests and the station owners orders and you will have a lock on the hottest numbers in the hit parade.
ASI5711 Megastar™ 

All of these games are perfect for the casual gamer (with subtler strategies for the more experienced gamer) and can be played in under an hour. So expose yourself to art and have a great time doing it. If anyone asks, tell 'em you were at the Art Gallery.
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