Atlantis™ wins the Austrian Spiel der Spiele 2010 award.

Atlantis™, by Leo Colovini, has been awarded Austria's prestigious Spiel der Spiele 2010 from a field of over 1,200 games released in 2009.  The Austrian Game prize was awarded by the Vienna Games Academy for the tenth time this year.  In addition to the main award, additional "Best in Class" awards can be bestowed by the judges in six categories.  These categories include "Spiele Hit fur Experten" (for Experts), "Spiele Hit mit Freunden" (with Friends), "Spiele Hit fur Familien" (for Families), "Spiele Hit for Kinder" (for Children), "Spiele Hit fur Viele" (for Many), and "Spiele Hit fur Zwei" (for Two).  Mayfair Games' World Without End™ was awarded a 2010 Spiele Hit mit Freunden award.  All told, 13 different titles were given awards this year, with Atlantis™ taking the top prize.

Previous Mayfair Games titles which have won a Spiel der Spiele award include Entdecker™ (2001, Spiel der Spiele), Pillars of the Earth™ (2007, Spiele Hit fur Experten), Go West!™ (2005, Spiele Hit fur Experten), Domaine™ (2003, Spiele Hit mit Freunden), Alchemist™ (2007, Spiele Hit fur Familien), and Hey! That's My Fish™ ( 2006, Spiele Hit fur Familien).

The Spiel der Spiele was first awarded in 2001 and is administered by a five-person independent commission of experts for the Vienna Game Academy.  More information on the Spiel der Spiele can be found at  Information on Atlantis™ can be found at

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