August is "Building Game" month at Mayfair

Building a Better Building Game:

One theme that shows up in many games is building.  Whether the players are trying to build railroads, rocket ships, buildings or kingdoms, the player is trying to gather the necessary items to build the required thing to win the game.  This month we look at some of the Mayfair Games titles that feature building.
Lords of Vegas™:

In this exciting new from Mayfair Games, you are building the Las Vegas Strip.  Because it's Vegas, the game is all about making money, taking risks, and the great gamble. As you build casinos, you'll have to make a number of decisions and take advantages of opportunities.  If casinos next to each other feature the same décor, they link together to form a larger casino (and they can not become unlinked) and the owners of these smaller casinos all become partners in the bigger casino.  When the casino makes money, all the owners get paid, but only the big boss gets victory points!  Can you build a grand casino empire? Will fate smile on your chances or feed your to the fishes?  Dust, Dice and Dollars - from the dust of the desert the die is cast and fortunes won or lost!
The Pillars of the Earth™:

Pillars of the Earth is a beautiful game to look at and fantastic to play.  At the end of each turn, you actually build a section of the cathedral so that at the end of the game there is a 3-D cathedral in the middle of the board. Each player has to make difficult decisions each turn on how to assign tasks to his Master Builders. There are more jobs than there are Master Builders and each choice helps advance you position in some areas but may cost you in others.  This is a must-checkout title.

Wacky Wacky West™: 

A re-design of a Spiel des Jahres winning classic by Klaus Teuber.  Players are suddenly rich frontier folk looking to invoke progress completely rebuild a wild-west town to their liking.  Because of a town law in the town's charter, no one may build over an building without a vote of the townsfolk.  Each players has a favorite color of building, whose survival is  greatly desired. Will you have the necessary votes to build the way you want or will you need to work with others to complete your constructions and save your buildings?


In Renaissance Italy, wealthy families would show their wealth and prestige by building beautiful towers.  As an architect, you wish to profit from this situation by being the builder that contributes most to the towers (and thereby gets the most money for your work).  As the game progresses, players add their pieces to the various towers in each city and collect their reward if they have the majority of floors in a completed tower.  This is a fast paced game (it plays in less then 30 minutes) and is a lot of fun.


All you have to do is to connect specific locations around New Orleans by laying trolley track.  You build the correct trolley line, you win, simple as that.  Unfortunately, the other players lay track in your path and modify track throughout the city to make it go where they want it.  The builder who creates the best track AND successfully runs their Streetcar to each of their locations is the winner. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
Whether you would prefer to build medieval cathedrals, Renaissance Towers, streetcar or train tracks, or entire cities, Mayfair has a game for you.  You can try your hand at building ancient Mesopotamia™ or a Kingdom between the Tigris & Euphrates™.  There are rail Empires to build and Catanian Islands to settle.  You can visit us on the web for more information on these or any of our many fine games.  Happy Building!
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