Day 3 of the WWCC Qualifier at Gen Con Indy

Day 3 of the WWCC Qualifier and after the Saturday preliminary the following Catan players have made it to the semi-final round of 16:

  1. Michael DeGrave
  2. Scott Waldhaus
  3. Carol Day Leonard
  4. Josh Baker
  5. David Zevin
  6. Adam Kubsh
  7. Mark Denholm
  8. Bryan Campbell
  9. Matthew McLaughlin
  10. Jacob Walters
  11. George Chetelat
  12. William Spear
  13. Brian Mackoway
  14. Scott Scribner
  15. Matt Olejnik
  16. Heather Ash.

For the next few people on the list, all hope is not lost.  Should any of the above players fail to show up for the match on Sunday morning, alternates would be tapped to fill in and bring the total number of players to 16.  Not that any of our runner-ups would ever resort to dastardly tricks to make our semi-finalists late . . .

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