Games Kicking off the New Year!

Builder's Duel and Glenn's Gallery are the first to come this new year!

The Pillars of the Earth: Builder's Duel - Street Date January 21 
Builders Duel™ is a two player card game based on Ken Follett's award winning book Pillars of the Earth. Fans of the book, the game Pillars of the Earth™ or Stefan Feld (designer of Notre Dame, In the Year of the Dragon, and The Name of the Rose) will be interested in this release! 

MFG4119 Builder's Duel™ $25.00

Glenn's Gallery™ - Street Date February 4 
"This is my balance sheet. It tells me what kind of art I like." - Glenn McFluxus, sole proprietor of Glenn's Gallery. 

Glenn's Gallery™ is our latest release by legendary game designer Reiner Knizia. Fans of Knizia games, especially Modern Art™, will enjoy this game of prediction and obfuscation.

MFG4108 Glenn's Gallery™ $35.00

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