How to "Try Before You Buy" Mayfair Games

Games cost money and they take up space on your shelves.  As you collect more titles, space becomes more critical and the decision of what to buy more difficult.  Perhaps taking a game on a "test drive" before you buy it, based on a picture on the front of the box and a paragraph on the back.  Well, Mayfair Games has a program to assist you!

Mayfair has a Demo Program that your Friendly Local Games Store can participate in.  Stores can order demo copies of many of our games and have them available for you to open up, look at, and even demo in the store.  We currently have 30 games in our Demo program.  They include:

Mega Star™, Alchemist™, Patrician™, Atlantis™, Pompeii™, Catan Dice Game Deluxe™, Catan Geographies: Germany™, La Strada™, Journey to the Center of the Earth™, Pack & Stack™, Witch of Salem™, Horus™, Station Master™, Bacchus Banquet™, Monuments™, Toledo™, Shear Panic™, Tigris & Euphrates™, World Without End™, Family Business™, Empire Builder™, EuroRails™, Lunar Rails™, Martian Rails™, Steam™, Mesopotamia™, Lascaux™, The Dutch Golden Age™, Hey! That's My Fish™, Sutter's Mill™.

You can go onto any of these titles webpages here on the Mayfair site and click the "Play at a Retailer Near You" link to find the retailers who have this demo game at their stores.

You can also plan on visiting us at Origins Game Fair (in Columbus, OH) or Gen Con Indy (in Indianapolis, IN) and come by the Mayfair Games booth.  We run an extensive demo program in our booth and feature multiple games each day of the convention.  In addition to learning to play many games, you also earn ribbons in our Great Ribbon Quest.  Earn enough ribbons and you will become a Knight or Defender of Catan (and receive rewards comensurate with your noble title).

Mayfair Games is committed to bringing you the best board and card games.  We want you to try out our demo games so that you will be happy with your purchases.  If your Friendly Local Game Stores in not a Mayfair Games Demo Program participant, why not suggest that he or she become one?

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