James Ernest and Mike Selinker went to Vegas and all we got was this fantastic game!

Lords of Vegas™ the newest game from Mayfair Games by James Ernest and Mike Selinker.  People often ask writers, artists, and designer where they get their ideas from.  Often, the person asked will respond that getting ideas is usually not the problem; creative types are continually bombarded by ideas.  The trick, the real hard part for many artists and designers, is finding the time and skill to refine an idea into something wonderful.

This month, in issue # 128 of Game Trade Magazine, James Ernest and Mike Selinker pull back the curtain and give you an insight into their process.  How did the game come to be in the shape it is now?  How did it find the right number of players?  How many names did it go through before being titled Lords of Vegas™?  Follow the link below and find the answers to these and other questions.



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