Le Boomb Variants!

In a previous newsletter we had a variant rule for Le Boomb™.  We have a second rule for you to try out in your next game of Le Boomb™ that we have found really gets the game moving. 

In fact why don't you try out both of these rules:
        1.     If you have the Boomb and you roll the Boomb, you give the   
               Boomb to any other player still in the game.

        2.     If any player has the Boomb and a player rolls the fuse, the     
               player with the Boomb gives it to the player on his or her left.
These two rules insure that once someone has the Boomb, every roll counts.  Enjoy your game and please visit the Le Boomb™ facebook page.  You can send us your pictures of you and your Boomb from anywhere in the world.

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