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 Whether you are looking for a light filler game or a heavier brain-burner, Martin Wallace is a designer that can make a game to fill your need. Martin has become a superstar in the game hobby and for good reason; his designs work, and they work well. He is a prolific designer who has been creating enough new designs to both publish through his own company (Treefrog Games) and through other companies.  Mayfair Games was pleased to announce a partnership with Martin Wallace that involved Mayfair bringing copies of his Treefrog games into the United States and distributing them to the hobby market. Additionally, Mayfair is publishing new Wallace titles under the Mayfair banner.  Here are some of his newest titles:

Rise of Empires™:

A fantastic entry into the "Civilization" game market, Rise of Empires™ lets you take the reins of a developing civilization and choosing the paths that will lead it to Empire.  In each of the three eras, you will commit your civilization to certain actions; these actions are repeated later in the same ear, so that a decision to move in a military fashion will have short-term and long-term ramifications.  A commitment to an industrial direction will likewise have effects quickly and over time.  It is always a balancing act, making sure that you have enough guns and butter, territory and technology, gold and development to succeed and triumph.
Transportation Trilogy:


Martin Wallace is working on a trilogy of games revolving around the golden age of travel. The first one, Steam™, is already out. It, along with Steam Barons™ and the Steam™Locomotive Set, are ready to introduce you to the age of Steam Engines and the great railroads of the world.  Steam™ was designed with an introduction game that was both challenging to play and easy to understand.  It is a great family game and can be enjoyed by beginners as well as experts.  As players become more comfortable with it, the Steam™ rules can expand to continually add and offer more challenging mechanics.


Automobile™, the second game in the trilogy, is due out in the fourth quarter of 2010.  This game takes players to the beginning of the American Automobile industry and challenges players to produce cars that the market will want to buy.  Make your purchasing and manufacturing decisions based on your understanding of the market and try to fill the public's demand for cars.  Don't fall behind in the technology race or your factories will cost you.  This game promises to be a fun ride and you will want to hitch along.  The third game in the trilogy will take a look at the golden age of the airline industry and is in development as we speak.

Age of Industry™:

Age of Industry™ is starting to ship now and should be arriving at your friendly local game store this month.  Players are tycoons in the early days of the Industrial Revolution.  Players will invest in the production of raw materials as well as the manufacturing and transportation of finished goods.  How well you can predict and succeed in the market will determine the victor.







Lighter Fare:

For those players looking for a lighter game, they should check out Toledo™ (90 minutes) or La Strada™ (30 minutes).  Both games are very accessible and will offer a great deal of fun and challenge without the weightiness of a heavier game.  Toledo™ casts you in the roll of a master swordsmith, trying to produce the finest blades in the city of Toledo.  Will you need to also display your dueling ability to your enemies in order to deliver your blades to the Emperor?  La Strada™ is a simple game with a great deal of strategy.  You are trying to build paths from your workshop to the various city and hill towns in the surrounding region.  The fewer artisans deliver to a city, the more money those that do deliver earn.  Create monopolies and you stand a better chance of cornering the market.

Martin Wallace is working on a number of new designs including games that will look at the city of London and its development, battles in the American Civil War, and additional transportation systems. Thanks for playing!

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