Mayfair Games announces the FunFair titles for 2011

Mayfair Games is pleased to announce that FunFair, its new line of games aimed at the broader toy & game market, will be hitting store shelves in 2011.  FunFair games are designed for family play, have easily understood rules that get you playing in under five minutes, have great visual appeal on the shelves,  and usually have a MSRP price of $30 or less. New FunFair titles expected to release this year include:

Badger Badger! ™: move wily badgers move through the forest looking for tasty treats in this game of skill and memory,

Rocket Jockey™: a game of fast rockets and valuable cargo that will have players flying through the solar system,

White Water™: a wild, white water river rafting race that requires precision paddling and opportunistic team work.


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