Mayfair Games announces titles for its 2011 release schedule

Mayfair Games is pleased to announce its 2011 release schedule:

1830™ (MFG1830): This is the classic 18XX™ train-game title and Mayfair Games is proud to be releasing it.  In addition to the original game, 1830™ will contain additional, new material that will allow players to expand the breadth and scope of their game experience.

Automobile™ (MFG4521): This award winning title by Martin Wallace will transport you back to the birth of the automobile industry.  Hoping to make a fortune by successfully anticipating the needs of future markets, you will tap into the skills of the greats of the age (Ford, Chrysler, Kettering, etc.) and balance various market demands (economy/luxury, mass production/premium branding, innovation/aggressive selling, etc.) on your way to market dominance.

Catan Dice Game™: Standard Edition (MFG3108):  This economical, dice version of The Settlers of Catan™ will allow players to visit the mystical island of Catan in a shorter playing time and with any number of players from one to six.

Rivals for Catan Expansion Deck (MFG3132): Time moves forward on the island of Catan and this expansion set of cards will allow players of Rivals of Catan™ to experience more of the history and conflict of Catan.  This is an expansion of the Rivals of Catan 2 Player Card Game (MFG3131).

Struggle for CatanMulti-player Card Game (MFG3141): Fans of Rivals for Catan™ have been asking for a Catan card game that allows for more than two players.  The answer is Struggle for Catan™ a multi-player card game that allows players to meet the most famous residents of Catan and compete with friends to be the first to settle Catan.

Giza: The Great Pyramid (MFG4122): You control a team of workers who are engaged in the building project of the millennium: the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The more your team contributes to the project, the more glory you gather for yourself.  The Pharaoh is known for his generosity; will you be the one to receive his thanks?

Five Points: The Politics of New York™ (MFG4123): All great cities have a story to tell.  Often that story is one of conflict and competition.  In Five Points™ you control a political faction engaged in gathering political power in the five boroughs of New York City.  Will you be the one to write this chapter of The City’s history?

Urbania Redux™ (working title) (MFG4124): This city will be built.  Through careful manipulation of your funds and political power, you will attempt to control what buildings go up; as they do, you will receive the support of those factions that will most profit from their completion.  Through careful planning, this city will be completed; those in charge will know who is responsible.

Steam™ Map Expansion #1 (MFG45611):  This new expansion to the critically-acclaimed Steam™ will allow fans of the game to change or expand their current maps.  It will also allow for additional players to compete in Martin Wallace’s classic train game.

Nippon Rails™ (MFG4508):  The Empire Builder line grows with the release of Nippon Rails™ in a standard EB box.  Build track and deliver required goods to the cities and towns of Japan.  Only the most successful player will be able to claim the title of Empire Builder!

First Bull Run: A Test of Fire™ (MFG4861): Martin Wallace visits the site of the first Battle of Bull Run in this tactical 2-player war game.  With simple yet elegant rules, this is both a perfect introduction to war games and a welcome challenge to experienced war game fans.

Mayfair Games will also be releasing additional titles from its new FunFair line of mass market game as well as distributing titles from partner publishers.  Look for separate announcements on these releases. 

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