Mayfair Games Designer Signing Schedule for Essen Spiel!

Mayfair Games is proud to announce that their booth at the Essen Spiel Fest will feature ten designers signing and discussing their games over the course of the four-day show! This will be a unique opportunity for fans of our games to meet with, and get signed copies of, their games!



Noon: Chris Baylis - Station Master

2 pm: Stefan Risthaus - Ostia, Monuments (Stefan will be distributing a free mini-expansion for Monuments!)

4 pm: Michael Rieneck - Pillars of the Earth (co-designer), World Without End (co-designer), Witch of Salem, Lemming Mafia


Noon: Frederic Moyersoen - Bacchus' Banquet, Nuns on the Run

2 pm: Jean Vanaise - Horus, Le Booomb

4 pm: Klaus Teuber - Catan, Barbarossa, Entdecker, Oceania, Domaine, Wacky Wacky West, Anno 1503


Noon: Leo Colovini - The Dutch Golden Age, Atlantis (Leo will have a free mini-expansion for Atlantis!)

3 pm: Martin Wallace - London, Steam, Automobile, A Few Acres of Snow, La Strada, Toledo, Test of Fire, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Age of Industry

4 pm: Heinrich Glumpler - Ablaze


Noon: Larry Roznai - Empire Builder Design Team (Nippon Rails and others)

Please make plans now to stop by our booth in Hall 9 - ### and meet some our our favorite designers!

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