Mayfair Games Goes Big at Gen Con Indy!

Mayfair Games, Co-sponsor of Gen Con Indy, is putting the fun into gaming in a huge way, providing a weekend of awesome activities you can take part in.  Here are some of the many programs, some new and some classic, that you will be able to enjoy at Gen Con Indy 2011:

 1) The Mayfair Meta Game: Subscribe to our Twitter feed (@mayfairgames) and keep an eye on our Facebook page during Gen Con Indy to solve riddles and earn prizes!

2) Giant Mayfair Games in the Hall K Mayfair Games Event Area: Twenty games (from classic titles to pre-release games) have been super-sized for your enjoyment.  Find them in the Hall K Mayfair Games Event Area next to the Exhibitor's Hall!

3) Mayfair's Open Gaming Shindig:  Every night, Thursday-Saturday from 8 p.m. to midnight, Mayfair is throwing a party in the Hall K Mayfair Games Event Area.  Drinks and snacks are included with your Mayfair Open Gaming Shindig Ticket or two generic tickets.  Stop by, play a game, and refresh yourself!

4) Food Court Table Top Games: Visit the convention center food court and try out a new, free table top game (but don't swipe the pieces)!

5) North American Catan Championship: Cheer on your favorites as 32 of the best Catan players compete for the title and a trip to the Worldwide Catan Championships in 2012!

6) The Great Mayfair Ribbon Quest: Play Games!  Collect Ribbons!  Become a Knight of Catan!  Get Prizes!  Become a Defender of Catan!  Get More Prizes!

7) Mayfair Games, Sponsors of the Training Grounds, provides youth the opportunity to become Pages and Squires of Catan.

Add to this all of the  tournaments, demos and gaming that you could possibly want to be found in the Mayfair Booth (in the Exhibitors Hall) and the dedicated Hall K Mayfair Games Event Area (next to the Exhibitors Hall) and you have the best four days of gaming, Mayfair-style.  Mayfair Games is the place to be at Gen Con Indy 2011.  Be a part of it!

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