Mayfair Games Hire Sheep

We have scoured the countryside looking for the best news rams to represent us, resulting in The Bob & Angus Show.  Angus McPeters (Drew Kallen) and Bob MacWordell (Dean Steeves) are directed by Don Dehm and Stacey Gordon to bring you the latest in-depth reporting from Mayfair Games.  Their world merges with those of the games we enjoy playing; making a rich playground for script writer Alex Yeager to explore.  The series is released late every Thursday night via YouTube, iTunes, and RSS (Video Podcast).  

The concept for the show was once a strange figment of Robert T. Carty Jr.’s imagination and presented to the crew of Pulp Gamer Media who was thought crazy enough to pull it off.  It has generated challenge and laughter for everyone involved.  We are now pleased to finally share it with you. Bob & Angus each have their own Facebook pages alongside the Facebook page for the show.  Stop by and watch.  Ewe know you want to.

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