Mayfair Games to Host World Class Designers at Gen Con Indy

Mayfair Games is excited to announce that it will host a trio of world-class game designers at its booth at Gen Con Indy on August 5 – 8.  These designers include Martin Wallace, H. Jean Vanaise, and Uwe Eickert.  All three designers, along with members of their families, will be at the Mayfair Games booth demoing their games, answering questions, and signing autographs. 

Martin Wallace is the designer of Steam™Rise of Empires™La Strada™Toledo™ and soon-to-be-released Automobile™.  H. Jean Vanaise is the designer of Horus™Le Boomb™Shark™, and Restaurant™.  Uwe Eickert is the designer of the Conflict of Heroes™ line.  All three designers will be at the show from Thursday through Sunday and will be making appearances throughout the long weekend.

Additional designers will also be making appearances in the booth throughout the show.  These designers include Larry Roznai (Australian Rails™, Nippon Rails™, Design Lead and Team Manager of the Empire Builder™ design team), James Ernest & Mike Selinker (Lords of Vegas™), and P.R. Chase (Theophrastus™, Saturday only).  All will be happy to field questions and sign autographs when present. 

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