Mayfair at Origins 2010

Mayfair Games will be at the Origins Game Fair in force. Here are some of the activities we will be offering to those who make their way to Columbus, OH for the June 23-27 festivities:
Mayfair Games Demo Central: We will have tables full of demo games in the Exhibitor Hall for you to play and learn. What better way to decide if you want to buy than to try out the game. Mayfair Game Shepherds will be standing by to teach you the games. All you have to do is sit down at the table!
Mayfair Games Room and Event Ribbon:Get Your Mayfair Games Event Ribbon; you will be able to play any Mayfair Game in our dedicated Mayfair Games room. Check out any game from the Mayfair library and play to your hearts content. There will also be NINE Big Scale Games available for play. From old classics like Giant Settlers of Catan™to new releases like Giant Dust Dice Dollars™, everything is bigger: the boards, the cards, the pieces, and the stakes!
Worldwide Catan Championship Qualifier: Players in the WWCC Qualifier will be competing for a complimentary trip to Germany to represent the US in the Worldwide Catan Championship. Are you that Settler?
The Great Mayfair Ribbon Quest: Every time you play in a Mayfair Games sponsored tournament or demo, you receive resource ribbons. Collect a full set and you become a Knight of Catan (with all the benefits, and prizes, owed to you). Take the next step and you could become a Defender of Catan (the glory and the rewards are even greater). For younger citizens of Catan, we have the Pages and Squires events (with just as many ribbons, prizes and kudos).
Evenings with Mayfair: For your evening entertainment, we offer two choices. First for those "of age" gamers, we offer the Origins Pub. Decompress after a hard day's gaming or fortify yourself for a hard night's gaming at the Pub. Play a specially designed Mayfair game as you relax sip your favorite beverage. For those younger (or young-at-heart) games we offer our Nightly Game Party in the Mayfair Games Room. Stop by and enjoy chips and drinks and play a game or two in the comfort of the Mayfair Room.
What's that you say?!?  You want to attend Origins but you are not sure you can swing the cost for a badge? Email Bill Fogarty at billf(at) (Subject: Origins Volunteer) and ask for a volunteer application. Depending on the time you can volunteer, you may earn, con badges, prizes, event ribbons, meals and/or party passes. 
Origins Game Fair ( is the place to be in June. We hope to see you there!
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