Mayfair at Origins and GenCon Indy!

Origins Game Fair is on June 23-27 in Columbus, OH and Mayfair Games will be at Origins in force this year.  We will have a number of activities available to you including Mayfair Games Demo Central, the Mayfair Game Room and room ribbon, 9 GIANT games played on over-sized boards, the Worldwide Catan Championship Qualifier (the winner goes to Germany to represent the US in the WWCC), the Great Mayfair Ribbon Quest (for both Knights and younger Squires and Pages), evening parties with Mayfair (one for those with adult beverage tastes and the other for those who choose to not imbibe),  as well as a chance to play pre-release games and prototypes at our evening Mayfair Room Event.  There's two weeks worth of fun just waiting for you, but you will only have 5 days to enjoy it.
If you can't make it to Origins, what about joining us for GenCon Indy? Mayfair Games will also be in Indianapolis, IN on August 5-8 for GenCon and our plans for this show are just as exciting.  Join us in the Exhibitors Hall for Demo Central where you will be able to demo dozens of games. Take part in the Great Mayfair Ribbon Quest (is DelMarVa calling you?) and earn your Knighthood, Squirehood, or Page status.  Play one of our GIANT board games or one of the many titles in our Library.  We will also host our second Worldwide Catan Championship Qualifiers and the winner of this Tournament will be heading to Germany to represent the US in the Worldwide Catan Championship.  We'll have almost everything needed for a fantastic party, and if you join us, we'll have it all!


What's that you say?  You want to attend Origins or GenCon Indy but you are not sure you can swing the cost for a badge?  Email Bill Fogarty at billf(at) (Subject: "Origins Volunteer" or "GenCon Indy Volunteer") and ask for a volunteer application.  Depending on the time you can volunteer, you may earn, con badges, prizes, event ribbons, meals and/or party passes.  


 Origins Game Fair ( ) is the place to be in June and GenCon Indy ( in August.  We hope to see you there!

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